Open auditions for the GYC are held in the spring and summer for young people grades 3–12. At the audition, singers are given simple vocal exercises to test for vocal range and potential. Some music theory and sight singing are introduced to test the singer’s musical knowledge.

Singers are notified in a few days as to their acceptance. Upon acceptance a $75.00 registration/processing fee will be due. This is a non-refundable fee, which is included in the total tuition. Returning singers must also re-audition each year.

The GYC season begins in August and ends in May, or at the conclusion of the final GYC event of the chorus year. A summer tour constitutes such a final GYC event. Each member is expected to remain active and committed to the program for the entire season.


Beginner, Grades 3–7

Conductor: Rebecca Suco

Meets Monday 5–6:15 p.m.
St. Francis Episcopal Church 3506 Lawndale Dr
Tuition – $330

In this chorus, emphasis is placed on vocal and reading skills to meet the needs of young singers grades 4 and up. The curriculum incorporates fun learning activities into a choral rehearsal that includes vocal technique, ensemble singing, solfege, basic music theory, and sight-reading skills. Singers will have performance opportunities throughout the year.

Cantabile Singers

Advanced, Grades 8–12

Conductor: Rebecca Suco

Meets Mondays 6:30-8:30 p.m.
St. Francis Episcopal Church 3506 Lawndale Dr
Tuition – $430

In this advanced chorus, students have established good vocal techniques, are good score readers, can hear dissonant harmonization and are willing to make the demanding rehearsal and performance commitments. Students are expected to spend time each week independently reviewing their choral music. The literature is more difficult, with a much greater emphasis placed on foreign language, advanced choral technique and a cappella singing. The Cantabile Singers have frequent public performances and an active touring schedule.